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Welcome to
Saint Anthony School of Honolulu, Hawaii

It is our aim here at Saint Anthony School of Honolulu, Hawaii to help our students develop a positive Catholic Identity. The atmosphere in our school provides experiences and opportunities for our students to know that God is a very real presence in our life. The prayers and Catholic traditions we pass on are the essence, moral fiber, and foundation that our school is built on. While your child is in our care, it is our aim to develop him/her as a whole person who lives in the gospel fearlessly and develops a God-centered nature.

Our students are imbibed in faith, love, and grace and it shows in all the things that they do. We develop young knowledge seekers with a lifelong love for learning. The parents of our school continually endorse us and our curriculum because they believe in us and we have the means and the passion to produce effective members of society through God’s love and grace.

Parents Should Choose Saint Anthony School of Honolulu, Hawaii Because:

  • Christ Centered Education
  • We have Quality Faith-Based Curriculum
  • We have Strong Catholic Identity
  • We have a Strong Sense of Ohana (Home) – We are Family Oriented
  • We are a Safe and caring environment
  • Presence of religious priests and sisters
  • Low Teacher to Student Ratio
  • Fully Accredited through WASC/WCEA
  • We have State of the Art Facilities & Technologies

Saint Anthony School prides itself in having produced effective and productive members of society. Our alumni consist of doctors, nurses, lawyers, military officers, and philanthropists that have made a mark and are still continuing to make a difference in this world in offering themselves in the service of God’s kingdom.



Sisters of
Saint Paul of Chartres

la salette

640 Puuhale Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
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Phone:   (808) 845-2769
Fax:       (808) 853-2234